50000 Bonanza

CFWE Radio Bingo set to giveaway a guaranteed $50,000 Bonanza!


CFWE Radio Bingo, which already gives away $150,000 dollars a month, is celebrating our birthday in a BIG WAY.

CFWE Radio Bingo plays each Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights at 6 with guaranteed bonanzas already at $10,000 per game night. On Thursday October 26 we will up the bonanza guarantee in a big way from $10,000 to $50,000 for one night only!

Bingo cards are available through our provincial network of sellers. Access the list of sellers through http://www.radiobingo.ca to find a seller near you. Bingo cards for the $50,000 game will go on sale Wednesday October 18th. Listen to CFWE for updates!
CFWE Radio is a division of the Aboriginal Multi Media Society of Alberta. Broadcasting from studios in Edmonton we are heard all over Alberta. Please see our website for details.
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Players must be 18 years or older to play. Bingo License #432232 Expires: March 31, 2018.
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