How to play




1. Buy your cards from a seller in Alberta. $5.00 for a booklet of 7 series (22 games) & $2.00 for the Black Bonanza cards .Please check our list of   sellers for one nearest you                                                   

2. Ensure you have the correct serial numbers on your cards for the day you want to play

3. Tune to CFWE at 6:00pm Monday, Thursday & Saturday.

(Please check our frequency list for your community!)

4. Have your phone ready - the winning number is:

1-888-946-2441 (1-888-win-big1)

5.. Mark all numbers called

6. When you have a bingo, call the winning number and provide your free space number and the number you bingo'ed on

7. If you cannot get through, call during the break or at the end of the game to have your bingo verified. Late bingos will be honored if phoned in within twenty minutes after the game, You MUST call the evening of the bingo game in order for your bingo to be valid

8.Have FUN & HAPPY Dabbing !!!



If you won a bingo please call CFWE Radio Bingo call toll free ASAP



The first verified BINGO! determines winners for each game



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