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Want to hold a Bingo Bash for a Fundraiser?

What is a Bingo Bash?

A planned event that anyone can host in their community! (Hall, school, business, or even your own home!)

Great way to assist the community, sports teams, neighbors in need & much more!

Have the Bingo Coordinator come and assist you with your Fundraiser by hosting the Bingo game!

How do you raise money?

Host a Radio Bingo event to bring people together to support the community/charity of your choosing

however, you raise the funds by having a concession, a 50/50 raffle (pending AB Gaming license), silent auction, etc!

Necessary for a Bingo Bash

  • Confirm a date

    • We play Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays (Sept-May) and Thursdays & Saturdays (Jun-Aug)

  • Method to broadcast FM Radio (PA System)

    • We do not recommend Streaming as there are delays

  • Venue - to accommodate players/guests

  • Fundraiser Campaign, Advertising?

  • Will you need volunteers?

All Ready?

Contact Mary Elphinstone


or email:


To host a bingo bash, please contact us at least 3 weeks prior to event, to ensure we can accommodate the local sellers with enough cards!

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