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We love to hear from our players, whether it be stories like this, or if you want to hold a bingo bash in your community, or know of a store that may want to start selling. Cards are not tracked so we do not know where the demand is for players. Not all requests will be approved, but they are appreciated. 

"I love playing radio bingo, even if you win a small prize, it's a ton of fun playing at home with friends and family!"


"I can't travel to bingo halls anymore, so this is a great alternative."


  "The odds aren't so bad, not everybody plays every game, just like a bingo hall--  but at HOME!"


"I won on my birthday! I split but still got $5,000!! It was a sweet bonus present!"


"I won the big one a day before my birthday! A GREAT birthday present!"


"We play with a group of friends, we bring appys, drinks, and always have a fun time! And it did take a while but we have won the $10,000 twice!"

Cold Lake

"I've been a single mom the past 13 years - winning the $25,000 will help us so much! We will finally be debt free for the first time and I hope to take the kids on a few trips!"


"Even when I'm one number away, I still come back for more! I love radio bingo! One day I'll get it!"

Sherwood Park

"Bills were paid, kids were enrolled and ready for school- We had just enough saved for our family to go to Disneyland before school started, but then some emergency house maintenance took priority... But then we won bingo! Thank you!"

Ft. McMurray

"I love this program, I play 3 times a week and have never won the $10,000 but there are so many other games I still win something!"  


"I have to say this bingo win or lose, is fun!!! Thank you radio bingo!

Medicine Hat

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