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How to Play

1. Buy your cards from a seller in Alberta. (PAY WITH DEBIT OR CASH,

depending on your seller) $7.00 for a booklet of 7 series (19 games)

Only buy as many as you can handle, minimum 12 second delay between numbers

Check our Sellers Page for Google directions!

2. Ensure you have the correct Serial numbers on your cards for the day you want to play

See the Calendar

3. Tune in to CFWE / CJWE at 6:00 p.m. Monday, Thursday & Saturday's (Please check our frequency map for your community!)

4. Have your phone ready - the winning number is: 

1-888-946-2441 (1-888-WIN-BIG1)

** The FIRST verified bingo determines the winning number for each game**

5. Mark all numbers called (using a cheat sheet helps)

6. When you have a bingo, call the winning number right away, if you are the first caller please provide your free space number and the number you bingo'd on

7. If you cannot get through, or someone got verified before you, call during the break or at the end of the game to have your bingo verified. Bingos will be honored if phoned in the night of the bingo, You MUST call and be verified the evening of the bingo game in order for your bingo to be valid

8. Have FUN and Happy dabbing!!!

If you Win
Call Toll Free
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